Cimiotti Podcast #002

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This month's podcast is yet another pure mix.  It follows, but is not restricted too, a lot of new releases and reissues.

We begin with Oren Ambarchi's "Quixotism Part 1" (Editions Mego), and move on through a soup of Italian Library, Ethiopian Jazz, New Age, 60's pop, and on and up.  The mix is rounded off by a track from Grouper's wonderful latest album "Ruins".

Grouper recorded her record at an estate in Portugal.  When not composing sparse piano pieces, she wandered the property capturing field recordings.  It sounds like a dream.  

With Portugal in mind, we look forward to seeing the new Pedro Costa film "Cavalo Dinheiro"...

Cimiotti Podcast #001

Added on by Paul Collins.

Here at Cimiotti Recordings, we are listeners.  Finding new sounds is at the core of our being. The whole idea of starting a label, was to more easily share sounds with the world.  To be some part of the conversation. With this in mind, we launch our podcast series.  

This first installment is a pure DJ mix.  We hope to move on to interviews, live performances, etc. But for now, just the music.

The mix is good for morning or night. 

Please listen at our soundcloud page.  Add us if you enjoy...


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Video looks horrible.  But after all, it's what we have. 

It seems to put the city in it's place a little bit.  Makes it seem more calm and approachable.

This video was shot early in the afternoon.  The temperature was just cool enough to ward off the masses.  All we are left with is a few stragglers.  People with a few minutes to sit and think.  

Look closely, and you may mix up birds and planes.

Anyhow, more to come...



Added on by Paul Collins.

Inevitably, summer is yet again on the wane.  The city is in denial.  People are walking around with tight shoulders, looking down, disassociated.  Sighing only to see our breath grow in front of us. 

I enjoy the fall.  It's the most beautiful embodiment death.  Dark greens turn to lush yellows and reds. Leaving us to think about transitions and impermanence. 

Cimiotti Recordings is a fall thing.  John Carpenter's "Halloween", Douglas Sirk's "All that Heaven Allows" and David Lynch's "Blue Velvet", should all be kept in mind.  

The music should be considered an experiment.  Deep listening, or heavy sleep can be accessed through the Research Tapes series.

Mail is always welcome.  Send us your thoughts on seasons, films, or otherwise.

Finally, Paul Cimiotti will have his first performance this fall.  It will be Saturday, September 27th at 3rd and Girard in Philadelphia, PA.  It will be a solo performance.  Paul will play for 30 minutes. BULKk, John the Baptist, Zubin, and DJ Chaperone will all perform as well.  $5 is required for entry. 

Good to meet you.

Cimiotti 9/15/14